Innocent Dog Shot

By: Claire Christensen, Madelyn Perry

A police officer in the the Magic Valley shot at some dogs in the front yard of his owners house on February 10, 2014 because he claimed they were being too aggressive. One of the dogs was killed and the other was kicked by the officer.

Someone in the neighborhood called the police when they saw the two dogs running around. They told the police that the dogs were stray and that they were dangerous. The owner and his family were inside their home, celebrating their son’s birthday. The police officer and the owner of the dog’s could be heard yelling at each other after the shooting. The officer said that the dog was trying to bite him, and in attempt to stop it, he shot the dog and killed it.


Just days later, on February 13, people rallied together on a rampage against the cop who shot the dog. Some of the signs said “a bully with a badge” “the dogs were not armed or dangerous, so why shoot” and one man put a sign on his dog saying “Don’t Shoot!” The people in the rally stood on the side of the road in the rain against the dog shooting. People were infuriated, and one man said that the dog was several feet away from the officer, so it was stupid of him to shoot. Another said “ I watched the video and I was just floored. I was shocked at how quickly the officer chose to use deadly force when there was so many options he could have used. There was no urgency in the matter, he wasn’t in any kind of threatening situation, and there’s just so many things he could have done that didn’t require shooting the dog.”  People were furious.

About six-hundred people die of being shot by police officers each year. In fact, you are 8 times more likely to be shot by a police man than a terrorist. In 2011, almost 1,146 people were shot by police officers. 607 of those people were killed. Only 59 officers were killed by getting shot. This was a 20% jump since 2009, when only 49 officers were killed in the field. Both people and animals have been shot at many times, many of them getting killed in the process.


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